Legally Secure helps fund Gina ‘Triple G’ Hopkins to attend the world’s only disabled martial arts competition in USA. 

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Legally Secure are delighted to announce their continued support of Gina ‘Triple G’ Hopkins as she prepares to compete in the only disabled martial arts tournament in the world, Grapplers Heart, which will be held this April in California.


Gina suffers from Dystonia, a condition that causes uncontrollable and often painful muscle spasms. She uses Jiu Jitsu as way of controlling her symptoms and was delighted to win a gold medal in last year’s inaugural Grapplers Heart tournament which was held in New York.


Legally Secures’ association with Gina first began when she met Fidel Beauhill, Legally Secures’ founder, at Impact Gym and found they shared a love of martial arts. Fidel was impressed by Gina’s commitment, drive and passion for the sport in the face of extreme adversity and wanted to help.


Last year Fidel overcame his fear of heights, jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet to raise money for Gina. This year, due to the continued success of Legally Secure he is able to offer sponsorship without the need to risk his life and has sponsored Gina’s private Jiu Jitsu coaching to prepare her for the tournament.


If you would also like to make a donation towards Gina’s travel expenses for the trip this April, please visit


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